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Negative ions are the newest health craze on the market right now. But do they actually work? How do they work? And what can they do for you? Below I will tell you all the facts about negative ions, how they work, and what they can do for you and your family.   Negative ions are simply molecules that have gained a positive electron, thus making their charge negative. Negative ions occur naturally through various processes and many believe that they can alleviate or treat many daily health issues. They are found most abundantly in nature around sources of water. A negative ion generator is a way to create negative ions and bring them into your home, car, or office...

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A Complete Guide To Learn About Himalayan Salt Lamps: History, Formation, Benefits & Uses

What are Salt Lamps? A Himalayan salt lamp is simply Pink Himalayan salt crystals on a light bulb. When the light warms the salt up it starts generating negative ions and absorbs water, particles, and positive ions from the air. They are easy to note due to their soft pink color but most of them have a pinkish-orange color due to the high concentration of trace minerals. History of Formation The Himalayan Salt Lamp is dated to have been formed at around over 250 million years ago. The formation happened at the foot of the Himalayas after the sea completely evaporated. Tectonic forces cause the salt to be under high pressure due to the heavy weight of the overlying ranges....

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