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Motivational Bracelet

What is a High Performace Mindset?

A High-Performance Mindset is a high quality, DoMore mindset to maximize the experience of life with a Holistic approach to optimal Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Health using the fundamental principals of all highly successful individuals throughout history and ancient text.  

Always Learning -There is always something you can learn from each moment. Keep in mind you will die learning and still not know everything.

Always Growing– take responsibility even when it hurts or even when you don’t feel at fault. What this does is gives you control. When blaming outside circumstances, you’re saying that it was “chance” or “destiny” when in reality if you just take responsibility you can instantly start creating your own destiny because now you start becoming aware of how law of attraction, sow and reap, karma works and how it is 100% your responsibility as to why you are where you are in life today. Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens by chance.

Always Bringing Value -When 10% of people will bring more value than they take in every relationship/encounter then this world will be a 100% better place to live. It’s the perfect system, bringing more value automatically gives you the upper hand because the person feels more keen towards what you have to say, offer, or propose. However if no value is expected in return, the law of attraction, sow and reap, karma, etc. start working in your favor on a much bigger scale (earning God’s favor).

Always Kind -Don’t mistake being kind with being nice, they are 2 completely different things. Being nice is when you’re a pussy or a little bitch and you are nice to avoid any challenge/opposition to your viewpoints, beliefs, or opinions (which means you’re weak in what you believe and who you pretend to be). Being kind, however, is when you keep the other individual’s best interest in mind…on a deeper, universal level, Agape love. You don’t stray from truth to avoid opposition, making someone upset, or even angry. Always keeping Agape Love in mind and being indifferent and wise. Me bringing a flaw into awareness that is harmful or detrimental to your spiritual, emotional, personal, or material growth is showing more love and care for you than your mom telling you everything is ok and you’re perfect. Being kind is also mentioning positive characteristics that you see in the person and watering them with encouragement to help the person focus more on the positive and bring more of the positive out from within (we all have light and darkness in us, yes everyone including your Holy Priest, so our job is to bring light into the world while helping others see the light within).

Always Creating Leaders -creating independent thinkers, so no one has to rely on anyone else to make a decision. Everyone thinks for themselves therefore able to bring more value to any situation.

Optimal success in bringing light to the world

Multiply your Dreams 10X
10X the amount of action you’re taking to match your dream.